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Atlas Horizontal Mill 
with Production Lever Controls & WWII Maple Floor Cabinet

Model MHC -   Complete with safety belt guards and rapid-production lever controls, automatic coolant system, arbor support, side pans, arbor, motor
weigh - 235 lbs

I will be doing a total restoration job on the shaper and floor cabinet
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Atlas QC42 Turret Lathe
on a WWII Maple floor Cabinet

Model -  QC42

I put this lathe together from parts I collected over the years, all of it is ordinal paint, the cabinet has not been redone even has the atlas logo on the front.


This is my Atlas Collection, My Cushman scooter,my Steam engine & boiler.
I hope you will find these files useful they are only intended as a reference source. The PDF files can only be viewed.

Nothing is for sale. (NFS) Please don't ask.
The collection grows larger each year
I am looking for a Atlas TV42 or v42 with original paint.

  • Atlas Machine & Tools Collection
Horizontal mill for production WWII
Quick change lathe for production WWII
Model Engines
  • Steam Engines
O&S - Orr and Sembower
  • Starrett Collection
  • Cushman 1962 Road King - Model 878961
Cushman 1962 Road King
Model - 878961

Picked up this Scooter at a car show this spring 2010 and I just unloaded it at the shop. I hope to do a total restoration job by next summer But for now I Have replaced most of the electrical system, rebuilt the engine and painted some of the body. You my even see me riding it at my shows.

Specifications are -
  • Bore 3"
  • Stroke 2.75"
  • Piston Displacement 19.4 CI or 318 CC
  • Compression Ratio 6.39:1
  • Std. Brake HP 7.9
  • Max. Gross Torque 13.1 Ft. LB
  • Spark Plug Champion #F14Y Gap .023-.028"
  • Breaker Point Gap .020"
  • Ignition Timing 17Deg. BTC
  • Valve Clearance .014-.016"

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Orr & Sembower Steam Engine & Boiler

Class "F" Center-Crank Vertical Engine

Horse-power 8
Cylinder Size6" x 7 1/2"
RPM     225
Steam Pipe  1 1/4"
Exhaust Pipe  1 1/2"
Dia. of Shaft  2 3/8"
Flywheel       24" x 6"
Pulley    14" x 6 5/8"
Weight   850 lb's


Top picture is as I purchased the Engine & Boiler.

I started the restoration project in the summer of 2010.
Designed a skid and had it built.

Bottom Picture is as of 08-30-2012it is three quarters done. I still have the water tank to do maybe by next year it will be finished. if you wish to see it it will be on display at the rough & tumble show.

I have made a video of the engine running on air, it is a 2 min. video and the file size is very large (30584 KB) if you wish to down load it, here is the link. O&S Engine Running

later I will be making a page with all of the pictures of the rebuild.
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