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Clausing Lathe 5450:

W/Newall 2 axis readout, 12 ¾”x 50”, Flame Hardened Ways, Variable Speed, Clutch/Break, Forward-Reverse Switch 120/240 1phase L1420 Plug,  Tapper Attachment, Steady Rest, Fowler Rest, Tool Post, Collet Closure, Drive Plate, 8” 3 Jaw Chuck, 8” 4 Jaw Chuck, Live Center.
This is a great lathe for doing Gun Work

FMT Item #1404211
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Atlas Hors Mill

Ordinal Paint, some gears have been replaced, newly made trip for power feed, motor was replace and rewired (110V), has new 1" arbor and draw bar, both belts have been replaced, cleaned, oiled and ready to be used

FMT Item # 140414-1

Atlas Lathe
Model QC42

set up as a Turret Lathe on an original WW2 Maple Base But also comes with the original Compound and Tailstock, Atlas Motor, Forward / Reverse Switch, NOS 6” 3 jaw chuck, 6” 4 jaw Chuck, Parting Tool, Knurlier, 2 Boring Bar Tools,  L S R Tool Holder, Live Center, Spindle Sleeve, Dead Center, Wood Center Driver, Lathe operation Book, Face Plate, Complete Set of Change Gears Includes 2 gears for cutting Metric Threads, Spindle Jacobs Chuck, Multi Position Carriage Stop, Jacobs Chuck w/#2mt.

FMT Item # 140811-1