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Atlas Lathe
Model QC42

set up as a Turret Lathe on an original WW2 Maple Base But also comes with the original Compound and Tailstock, Atlas Motor, Forward / Reverse Switch, NOS 6” 3 jaw chuck, 6” 4 jaw Chuck, Parting Tool, Knurlier, 2 Boring Bar Tools,  L S R Tool Holder, Live Center, Spindle Sleeve, Dead Center, Wood Center Driver, Lathe operation Book, Face Plate, Complete Set of Change Gears Includes 2 gears for cutting Metric Threads, Spindle Jacobs Chuck, Multi Position Carriage Stop, Jacobs Chuck w/#2mt.

FMT Item # 140811-1
Clausing 8530 Ser. # 009792

Repairs Made:Replaced Parts:
1.Cleaned every part990-065 Compound gear
2.Top of spindle Threaded for new Draw Bar   1.  Motor Belt
3.New Draw Bar Made   2. Spindle Belt
4.Cap for top of Spindle 3.  Used Motor ¾ HP
5.Replaced compound gear in quill down feed4.   New Motor Adjuster
6.Made new down feed handle for Quill  5.  Top Spindle Bearing
7.Replaced Belts   6.   Quill Down feed handle
8.Made new Motor Adjuster   7.   5 new Bearings 044-004
9.Mounted Motor   8.   1 700-166 Shaft
10.Cleaned Spindle & Replaced Top Bearing 9.   1 341-167 rapid feed gear
11.Installed new spindle Seal10.  1 8540-17 compound idler gear assembly
12.Installed new bearings on X Axis Screw   11.   2 oil lite bearings Gear housing assembly
13.Complete Rebuild of 2 speed Gear box    12.  1 new Ball crank W/Handle
14.Replaced bearings on Y Axis Screw    
15.Replaced Ball Crank W/ Handle on Y Axis    Missing items
1. 133-001 Knee Crank
The table is in great shape
There is .015" backlash on the X&Y axis

Larger Pic
I have acquired a nice Clausing 8530 mill.
  I will be working on it and putting pictures up as I finish each part.
Just about done I need to wire it and hook up a new VFD.

Thanks for looking

I am Starting to taking offers on the mill now
Starting Price is $3000.00
This mill Will be sold by April 11 2015
and must be picked up by the fowling week
If you are comming to cabin fever it could be picked up that weekend at my shop
I Want To Purchase or Need Information
I Want To Purchase or Need Information