Clausing 8540 Horizontal Mill  new electrical controls, 3 axis digital Readout System. I make & sell brackets & newly designed stop/trips     NFS


I make small parts, rebuild machines, buy and sell for the Home shop & Hobbies. If there is any thing I can help you with please don't hesitate to Email.

Most of my tools are used but I have acquired a quantity of (nos) New Old Stock Starrett and Brown & Sharp hand tools.

I have been a licensed Master Electrician (since 1973) and do industrial wiring mainly in shop where I rebuild my machines and other’s.

I am also making new Parts for the, Clausing 8530 8535 8540  to Mount the Encoder Head and have developed a new stop/trip so you can mount a scale on the front of the table and still be able to adjust it, New Atlas Horizontal Mill Parts. These and other items can be found on the SALE ITEMS Page.

I specialize in Atlas Lathes Mills Shapers. I Have rebuilt Atlas, Clausing, Bridgeport, Rockwell, Machines and over the years I have worked on all types of Machines. On my Services Page you will find my rates and pictures of some Machines I have worked on. We Have some used parts for sale and hope to have them on my site some day! If you don't see the item you are looking for please Emil me with your request and I will get back to you shortly.

I go to most auctions within 100 miles of our location to find the best tools and machines also buy small home and machine shops.

Setup at indoor and outdoor shows and you can see them on the shows page.

If you are ready to retire or just want to liquidate your shop call or email me, I can give you a price for one thing or everything. If you just need to now how to go a bought doing it I can help there to.   

My Collections include Starrett Tools and Atlas Machines if you think I may be missing something in my collection please send me a picture and price on it I would like to see it and hope we can get together on a price.

Thanks for looking
Keep Your Flywheels Spinning
Max Mitchell

Bridgeport   2hp 48" table
anilam CNC 2 axes w/3 axes readout       NFS
Clausing 8530 Vertical mill installed a 3 axis readout (Shooting Star). I sell new brackets, stops/trips     NFS

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